ГДЗ до підручника «Англійська мова» О.Д. Карп’юк. 9 клас

P. 122, ex. 7d

1. used; 2. ate; 3. opened; 4. waited; 5. bought; 6. made; 7. flipped; 8. flew.

P. 124, ex. 1

1. b; 2. d; 3. E; 4. c; 5. a.

P. 125, ex. 3a

Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev was a Russian chemist and inventor. He formulated the Periodic Law, created a farsighted version of the periodic table of elements.

Michael Faraday was an English scientist who contributed to the study of electromagnetism and electrochemistry.

Nicolaus Copernicus was a Renaissance- and Reformation mathematician and astronomer who formulated a model of the universe.

Ivan Petrovich Pavlov was a Russian physiologist known primarily for his work in classical conditioning.

Charles Robert Darwin was an English naturalist, geologist and biologist, best known for his contributions to the science of evolution.

Sir Isaac Newton PRS was an English mathematician, astronomer, and physicist who is widely recognized as one of the most influential scientists of all time.

P. 125, ex. 3b

linguistics; astronomy; psychology; meteorology; biology.

P. 127, ex. 7

My favorite subject is Biology. I like Biology because it is a very interesting subject. It will help us in future. During the lesson we speak about animals and plants. Also we can find out something new about our health.

P. 128-129, ex. 1a

1. scientist; 2. industry; 3. graduated; 4. rocket; 5. founders; 6. tested; 7. research; 8. space; 9. engineering; 10. developing.

P. 130, ex. 2

1. aren’t used today;

2. are done;

3. are kept;

4. were organized ... were invited;

5. are found.