ГДЗ до підручника «Англійська мова» О.Д. Карп’юк. 9 клас

P. 91, ex. 9

1. who; 2. which; 3. who; 4. which; 5. who; 6. who.

P. 92, ex. 5

a) which; b) who; c) when; d) whose; e) where; f) that.

P. 92, ex. 6

1. which; 2. that; 3. that; 4. who; 5. that; 6. where; 7. who; 8. which; 9. who; 10. which.

P. 95, ex. 5


Jane Tame

I go to the New Jersey School

I am a overachiever

PE and Music

Yes, I do

I am good at Math

I am bad at drawing

I am crazy about sailing

I would like to become a doctor

I like helping people

See you soon

P. 97, ex. 1a

The role of the shop assistant is changing dramatically. Gone are the days when all you needed was a winning smile, helpfulness and the ability to operate a low-tech till to satisfy customers. With customers increasingly demanding support with self-service technology and expecting a more connected experience, digital skills will soon be a prerequisite for any customer assistant position, and the role as we know it will likely be no more. Moreover every shop assistant must be helpful and polite.