ГДЗ до підручника «Англійська мова» О.Д. Карп’юк. 9 клас

P. 191, ex. 5a

1. c; 2. d; 3. f; 4. B; 5. e; 6. a; 7. h; 8. g.

P. 192, ex. 1

1. b; 2. a; 3. c.

P. 192, ex. 2

1. were waiting ... arrived;

2. saw ... was wearing;

3. got... bought;

4. was reading ... was watching;

5. burnt ... was cooking;

6. was writing;

7. was writing;

8. was sharing ... complained;

9. realised ... was travelling;

10. looked ... saw ... were you doing.

P. 193, ex. 3

1. wanted;

2. told ... has seen;

3. was;

4. found ... had lost;

5. ran ... was;

6. spoke ... had visited;

7. was ... studied;

8. had checked ... went;

9. completed;

10. thanked ... had cured;

11. felt... had spent;

12. completed ... had begun;

13. had been ... met;

14. Found ... had expected;

15. forgot ... had asked.

P. 193, ex. 4

1. b; 2. c, d, e; 3. a.

P. 194, ex. 5

a. Will you write me soon?

b. Will you return ... ?

c. Will you help ... ?

d. Will you open ... ?

Р. 194, ex. 6

1. Will you call a taxi?

2. Will you phone your friend?

3. Will you do it by yourself?

4. Will you visit your aunt at the hospital?

5. Will you wear that new cardigan?

P. 194, ex. 7

1. Will you come?

2. ... will you sing in the choir?

3. Will you play ... ?

4. Will your sister take ... ?

P. 199, ex. 7

1. c; 2. a; 3. b; 4. e; 5. d; 6. f; 7. h; 8. g.

P. 200, ex. 1

Hi there! Welcome to my new blog about the UK that is called A window to the UK. Here you can find out a lot of things about it. So, go ahead!

The United Kingdom (or Great Britain) is situated on the British Isles. The British Isles consist of two large islands, Great Britain and Ireland, and about five thousand small islands. Their total area is over 244.000 square kilometres.

The United Kingdom is made up of four countries: England, Wales, Scotland (on the island of Great Britain), and Northern Ireland (on the island of Ireland).

Their capitals are London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Belfast respectively. The capital of the UK is London.

The British Isles are separated from the European continent by the North Sea and the English Channel. The western coast of Great Britain is washed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea.

The surface of the British Isles varies very much. The north of Scotland is mountainous and is called the Highlands, while the south, which has beautiful valleys and plains, is called the Lowlands. Ben Nevis in Scotland is the highest mountain (1.343 m).

There are a lot of rivers in Great Britain, hut they are not very long. The Severn is the longest river, while the Thames is the deepest one.

The mountains, the Atlantic Ocean, and the warm waters of Gulf Stream influence on the climate of the British Isles. It is mild the whole year round.

The UK is a highly developed industrial country. It is known as one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of machinery, electronics, textile, aircraft, and navigation equipment. One of the chief industries of the country is shipbuilding. The UK is a constitutional monarchy. In law, Head of the State is Queen. In practice, Queen reigns, but does not rule. The country is ruled by the elected government with the Prime Minister at the head. The British Parliament consists of two chambers: the House of Lords and the House of Commons.