ГДЗ до підручника «Англійська мова» О.Д. Карп’юк. 9 клас

P. 144, ex. 10a

The world is so full Of a number of things, I’m sure we should all Be as happy as kings. - Robert Louis Stevenson. It means that we must appreciate everything that we have.

P. 145, ex. 1

Isaac Newton

1642 - born in Lincolnshire.

1659 - he was removed from school.

1661 - was admitted to a College, on the recommendation of his uncle Rev William Ayscough, who had studied there.

1669 - was identified by Barrow in a letter sent to Collins in August of that year as: Mr Newton, a fellow of our College, and very young ... but of an extraordinary genius and proficiency in these things.

From 1670 to 1672 - Newton lectured on optics. During this period he investigated the light.

1689-1690 - Newton was also a member of the for Parliament of England for Cambridge University.

1705, Queen Anne knighted Newton during a royal visit to Trinity College, Cambridge.

1727 - Towards the end of his life, Newton took up residence at Cranbury Park with his niece and her husband, until his death.

P. 145, ex. 2

Many years ago no one could ever imagine that such thing as the Internet will be invented. Nowadays, life without it for the most people is unimaginable. It is rooted in bur communication and banking. Some people consider the Internet as the most important invention ever.

Firstly, the Internet provides enormous amount of information. Everyone can find all types of information on millions of topics. That way they can find data for their work or school projects. Also, people are able to find information on every subject they are interested in. Moreover, with searching engines like “Google” and “Yahoo Search” it’s even easier for them to find the exact information they are looking for.

Secondly, people are using the Internet for communication. People can participate in social networks like “Facebook” or “Twitter”. Also, there are millions of chat rooms and even dating sites. Communication through the Internet is easy and available to everyone with a computer. With it, people can keep in touch with their friends in distance, or make new ones. Nevertheless, this way of communication can sometimes be inefficient. Face-to-face conversation, at least in my opinion, is much better. It can be concluded that, there are many great inventions, every one of them important for its time. The Internet, even with its flaws, is the most important invention of our modern time.

P. 146, ex. 1

1. becoming; 2. warmer; 3. Not everybody; 4. a lot of; 5. are.

P. 149, ex. 5

The animal world is in danger means that there are lots of extinct animals. We must protect them and stop hunting.

Help nature! People mustn’t pollute the environment.

Protect the Environment! You mustn’t throw the litter on the streets. We must recycle paper and so on.

Think about the planet! Every year our planet suffers from many natural disasters but we can prevent pollution if all the mankind try hard.